CPP Sleeves (Clear / Stiff)

Cast Polypropylene is a clear, stiff material. This is the type of sleeve to use if presentation is key. Your plants can be left in the sleeves and the customer will still have a perfect view.

All sizes are in inches and measure Bottom x Top Opening x Height. These sleeves will fit the indicated pots. All CPP sleeves are on wickets and have vent holes. Except the 5x10x8.5 and 5x12x12 sleeves have two hang holes in the lip, and the 6.5x15x14 sleeves are on woodheaders.

Size Fits Pot Case Pack QTY  
5x10x8.54"4,000Add to Quote
5x12x124"3,000Add to Quote
5x12x144"2,000Add to Quote
6.5x15x145"-6"2,500Add to Quote
8x20x206"1,000Add to Quote
8x20x246"1,000Add to Quote
10.25x22x248"1,000Add to Quote