HDPE Sleeves / Satin Sleeves

HDPE is the most economical and one of the strongest materials to make sleeves out of. It is see-through, but it has a milky white haze to it. This material is sometimes referred to as satin. It is very durable and handles very easily. HDPE is very recyclable. It is the same material that plastic grocery bags and there are many existing channels to recycle this material.

We stock a very wide variety of sizes available for immediate shipment. Our stock sizes are below. If you don’t see what you need here we can also make sleeves to your specifications. Custom sized sleeves are our specialty. If you have an odd-sized pot or an oddly shaped plant, we can work with you to get your sleeve just right.

All sizes are in inches and measure Bottom x Top Opening x Height. These sleeves will fit the indicated pots. All HDPE sleeves are on woodheaders and have vent holes. Belt clips for the woodheaders are also available. Height includes the lip on these sizes (except for sleeves with a *, then height does not include the lip).

Size Fits Pot Case Pack QTY  
5x12x124-4.5"4,000Add to Quote
5x12x154-4.5"2,000Add to Quote
5x12x184-4.5"2,000Add to Quote
5x13x244-4.5"1,000Add to Quote
5.5x15x144-4.5"3,000Add to Quote
7x15x165"2,000Add to Quote
7x15x185"2,000Add to Quote
8x15x166"2,000Add to Quote
8x16x206"1,000Add to Quote
8x16x246"1,000Add to Quote
8x17x306"1,000Add to Quote
8x20x206"1,000Add to Quote
8x20x246"1,000Add to Quote
8x24x246"1,000Add to Quote
8x24x306"1,000Add to Quote
10.5x22x248"1,000Add to Quote
10.5x24x308"1,000Add to Quote
10.5x30x308"500Add to Quote
10.5x30x368"500Add to Quote
13.5x24x2410"1,000Add to Quote
13.5x24x3010"1,000Add to Quote
13.5x30x3010"500Add to Quote
13.5x32x3610"500Add to Quote
16x30x3012"500Add to Quote
19x30x3014"500Add to Quote