Regular Paper

Our paper sleeves are made out of brown Wet Strength Kraft Paper. This is the option to use when you are looking for protection from the elements. Our traditional paper sleeves can be made either loose packed or nested (one inside another).

Our stock sleeves are unnested and packed in bundles.  The sizes are: pot diameter in inches x height in inches.  The dimenstions are in inches and read: bottom x top x height.

If you don't see what you need, we can do custom sizes.

Size Actual Dimensions sleeves / bundle QTY  
4x125.5x10x12250Add to Quote
4x155.5x12x15250Add to Quote
4x185.5x13x18250Add to Quote
6x188x14x18250Add to Quote
6x218x16x21250Add to Quote
6x248x16x24250Add to Quote
6x308x17x30250Add to Quote
6x368x20x36250Add to Quote
8x2411x22x24250Add to Quote
10x2413.5x22x24250Add to Quote
10x3013.5x22x30250Add to Quote
10x3613.5x24x36250Add to Quote
10x4213.5x24x42250Add to Quote
10x4813.5x24x48100Add to Quote
10x6013.5x25x60100Add to Quote
10x7213.5x28x72100Add to Quote
12x4216x24x42100Add to Quote
12x4816x25x48100Add to Quote
12x6016x28x60100Add to Quote
12x7216x30x72100Add to Quote
12x8416x35x84100Add to Quote
14x4819x30x48100Add to Quote
14x6019x30x60100Add to Quote
14x7219x33x72100Add to Quote
14x8419x35x84100Add to Quote
14x9619x40x96100Add to Quote
15x7220.5x33x72100Add to Quote
17x7223x40x72100Add to Quote
17x8423x43x84100Add to Quote
17x9623x45x96100Add to Quote