System Paper

Our paper sleeves are made out of brown Wet Strength Kraft Paper. This is the option to use when you are looking for protection from the elements. Our system paper sleeves come packed on a woodheader for easy dispensing.

Our stock sleeves are shipped on pallets in packs of 50.  The sizes are: pot diameter in inches x height in inches.  The dimenstions are in inches and read: bottom x top x height.

If you don't see what you need, we can do custom sizes.

Size Actual Dimensions sleeve per header QTY  
6x188x16x1850Add to Quote
6x218x16x2150Add to Quote
6x247.75x17x2450Add to Quote
8x2410.5x24x2450Add to Quote
8x3010.5x24x3050Add to Quote
8x3610.5x24x3650Add to Quote
8x4210.5x24x4250Add to Quote
8x4810.5x24x4850Add to Quote
9x3012x24x3050Add to Quote
9x3612x24x3650Add to Quote
9x4212x24x4250Add to Quote
9x4812x24x4850Add to Quote
10x2413.5x24x2450Add to Quote
10x3013.5x24x3050Add to Quote
10x3613.5x24x3650Add to Quote
10x4213.5x24x4250Add to Quote
10x4813.5x24x4850Add to Quote