Bottom Sealed Sleeves

Bouquet bags are designed to prevent water from dripping all over the floor in a retail store. Floral bouquets that have been sitting in water are placed into these bottom sealed sleeves. Because of the bottom seal the wet bouquet will not drip everywhere.

We stock a few different types and sizes of Bouquet Bags, but they can also be customized to match your store. We can print your logo or a custom pattern on them.

Our stock is on cardboard headers with two ½” holes punched in them for easy hanging.

Size Fits Pot Case Pack QTY  
4x14x26 WhitebackN/A500Add to Quote
4x14x26 ClearN/A500Add to Quote
4x14x26 White DotsN/A500Add to Quote
8x20.5x32 WhitebackN/A500Add to Quote
8x20.5x32 ClearN/A500Add to Quote