Cut Flower Sleeves

Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene is a very high clarity plastic that is extremely stiff. It will stand up straight on its own. BOPP sleeves are traditionally used for cut flowers.

We carry these 1.2 mil BOPP sleeves. Our stock is in packs of 50 with two ½” hang holes in the lip. The Silverback sleeves have a clear front and a metallized reflective back. Custom sizes are also available.

Size Fits Pot Case Pack QTY  
1.5x4x22N/A2000Add to Quote
1.5x4x22 SilverbackN/A2000Add to Quote
2.25x6.25x12N/A2000Add to Quote
3x8x18N/A2000Add to Quote
3.25x12x16N/A2000Add to Quote
4x16x20N/A2000Add to Quote
4x12x18 SilverbackN/A2000Add to Quote
4.25x14x18N/A2000Add to Quote